• Gardenia thunbergia
    Starry Gardenia

    A highly sought after evergreen with glossy green leaves accented by stunning star shaped, sweet scented white blooms. Blooms are particularly fragrant mostly at night. A perfect garden accent or hedge for mild winter gardens. In colder areas, enjoy as a large container specimen in summer and as a houseplant during winter

    Fun Facts:

    1.The genus Gardenia was named in honor of Dr Alexander Garden (1730-1971) a Scottish physician from in South Carolina and friend of Linnaeus
    2. This particular species was named after Carl Thunberg a student of Linnaeus the well-known 18th century botanist and
    3. This Gardenia is the first of the South African gardenias to be known to botanists
    4. Introduced to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London, in 1773
    5. There are 630 genera of gardenia with 200 species
    6. Related to Coffee Arabica

    10 Seeds Gardenia thunbergia Starry Gardenia

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