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  • Dodonaea viscosa

    Frost Tender -Hardy in zones 9+ as an outdoor standard -otherwise grow as a container plant


    A perfectly versatile plant that is mostly grown as an ornamental tropical type plant. Dense, evergreen foliage is forest green and leathery to the touch and at times may become resinous.  Makes a perfect specimen for almost any hobby growing or as a standard. This plant will work well for bonsai projects. Green foliage is accented by  inconspicuous flowers that are followed by interesting papery tan to purple, 3-winged pods.  Flowers usually from spring to summer. The plant is traditionally raised as a an ornamental or a container plant. An excellent accent landscape plant in the southwest.    Plant in full sun to part shade. It requires little care or pruning but will tolerate shearing if desired. 

    The tree will stay relatively small in stature as far as shrubs go, making this a good opportunity for a beautiful bonsai work of art.   Hardy in zones 9-11 and thrives in full sun. Let dry between waterings once established. No Frost
    We thank you for your support of rare and naturally grown seeds!

    20 SEEDS -HopBush Seed -Drought Tolerant - Dodonaea viscosa

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