• Organic Bunker Triticale Heirloom
    Triticum aestivum
    Garden Starter Pack

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    Triticale is a cross between winter wheat and cereal rye. This variety is a reduced awn mainly used as a cover and forage //hay crop and feed grain, as well as use in flower arrangements. It can be planted in Fall and Winter in most areas of the west coast. Bunker should be planted in the Spring in cold areas and will have the same growing season as Spring Wheat. The genetics of the winter wheat allow it to be more hardy and to grow later in the fall than other cover crops and the fibrous roots continue to grow through the winter down to 5 feet or more building up the soil with organic matter. Triticale’s rapid growth suppresses winter weeds better than rye.

    Traditionally cultivated in late fall to germinate overwinter to revitalize poor soils with nitrogen, while its roots breakup compacted soils. Let the grain dry for feed.

    Our starter packs are intended for the home gardener that want to try growing something different and give grain growing a try. Can be grown in the garden direct sow in the late fall or spring, as a container grown grain.

    Gives good yields in poor soils.

    Plant it about 1/4" deep, in well drained soil a few weeks before first frost. It will take 120 days to have nicely developed heads, harvest when seeds no longer have a milky appearance when cut open (when grain is good and dry)

    Seed can be stored for many years in a cool dry place.

    Makes excellent cover for quail and other wildlife.

    We thank you for your support of rare and naturally grown seeds!

    250 seeds -Garden Starter Pack -Organic Bunker Triticale -Heirloom