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  • Basmati Long Grain Rice
    Oryza sativa
    120 Days From Transplant

    This premium grain rice is distinguished by its nutty fragrance and flavor. In fact "Basmati" means "fragrant" in Hindi. Dried stalks make a beautiful addition to any flower arrangement. Grow in containers to be sure enough time can be given for maturity. Rice plants have high water needs, but can easily be grow in pots, pools, or containers. Including containers indoors. Can grow and produce for up to 20 years!

    The seed quantities we offer are perfect amounts for container growing.

    Fun Facts:

    · There are over 40000 varieties of rice

    · The species oryza sativa has been grown over 11000 years

    · Asia has more varieties than anywhere else in the world

    · The Chinese devote a whole day of their New Year celebration to the crop

    · In some Asian cultures rice is believed to be a link between Heaven and Earth

    · Indian cultures believe rice is linked to fertility resulting in the tradition of rice-throwing at weddings

    =====Seed is a live perishable product =All sales are Final - Pictures are representative only - seeds are exactly as described here produced by professional growers

    30 Seeds - Basmati Long Grain Rice -Oryza sativa - With Hull -Rare

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