• Simmondsia chinensis 
    A useful perennial, woody evergreen shrub native the arid regions of California, Arizona and Northern Mexico. The plant remains fairly small making it perfect for container growing as well as in the garden. Plants grow 3- 10 feet with blue- green foliage and striking small, yellow-white flowers that peek out from bright green clusters of leaves, alluring the honey bee and other pollinators. Hardy to 18 degrees F and very drought tolerant once established. 

    Traditional Native American uses were for hair and skin care in addition to some medicinal purposes. Today they are mostly grown for their ornamental value.  The plant is known to live 100-200 years. 

    Needs a male and female plant to produce fruit. Gender is determined only from flowers. Male flowers bloom as a solitary flower wheras the female flower are grouped in clusters. 

    Grow in full sun with minimal watering, only once or twice a month during the warm season once established. Tolerant of most soil types so long as they are well drained. Soil/ sand mix is best. Protect young plants from excessive heat or very prolonged drought.

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