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  • There isn’t a more perfectly versatile plant than Papuan wattle. Resilient and vigorous, with a crown of dense foliage growing from a gnarled and crooked trunk make this the perfect specimen for almost any hobby growing or as standards. Roots are shallow and the bark heavily fissured giving this plant the perfect look for bonsai projects. Green foliage is accented by sweet scented, yellow flowers followed by twisted pods of various lengths. The plant is traditionally raised as a an ornamental or a shade tree

    This widely adaptable tree can be used for a wide range of uses including, standard specimen as well as the greenhouse. It makes the perfect patio plant but, will need protection from frost. Keep tree well watered until established.

    Fun Facts

    • Native to the savannas of New Guinea to the islands of the Torres Strait, and northern Australia
    • First described by by George Bentham in 1842
    • The word acacia comes from the Greek akis which means point describi 

    Tropical Seeds - Papuan Tree Wattle -20 Heirloom Seeds -Acacia auriculiformis

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