A fast growing small tree that develops deep furrowed brown to grey bark accented by bight yellow flower spikes. Flowering stars in young tree about 18 months from seed making it perfect for the impatient gardener. It is a good option for coastal regions because of its tolerance of salt spray. Grows in most soil types and make a most useful shade tree. It has a straight trunk and a spreading crown. Leaves are gray-green resembling a sickle shape.

This plant makes a most interesting deck plant and grows well as a container plant for several years if pruned and shaped, for the home or greenhouse, in addition to being a specimen plant.

Treat as a tropical that cannot tolerate frost.

Fun Facts:
1. Native to Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea as Northern Australia
2. Hardy outdoors in zones 9+
3. The name acacia comes from the Greek word ‘akis’ meaning a point or barb
4. The tree is a nitrogen fixer
5. This is one of the fastest growing tropical Acacia species


Acacia crassicarpa Northern Wattle Tree Seeds