A Maple of medium green, oblong shaped leaves, grown for the leaf color, that start out in a seductive blush of pink before turning to green. A rare plant find for the landscape and the perfect specimen plant for many uses. The bark is smooth and starts out brown with a green tint, but darkens to a beautiful olive green as it ages. Branches spread in a graceful canopy causing silhouettes' of leaf shadows below. The leaves are actually composed of 3 leaflets instead of a single blade, known as trifoliate, and become accented in the spring with pendulous clusters of green buds and pale yellow flowers. In fall, colors of yellow, and bright reds light up the tree. Imagine it planted near a water feature as leaves droop and dip down into the quiet shimmering pool or placed in a fine container for the patio or even shaped and pruned as a bonsai specimen. This is a highly sought after variety! Performs best in partial shade to full sun and in a sheltered site.
Zone 6+ as an outdoor standard – anywhere as a specimen or bonsai plant.

  • Fun Facts
  • Acer is a latin word that means hard or sharp
  • It is thought to come from the Romans that used maple wood to make arrows
  • Discovered by Augustine Henry 1857-1930
  • Henry was a plant hunter from Ireland
  • Native to China
  • Seed can germinate within 2 weeks to 2 years

Acer henryi Henry Maple Seeds Bonsai

  • There are over 1000 different varieties of Japanese maple
    Native to Japan, Korea and China
    Tree shapes can be round to irregular
    Grown for the beautiful leaf shape and color
    Leaves turn yellow, orange, red or purple in the fall with long lasting color
    Flowers are small, yellow in May and June
    A valuable ornamental feature is the stem and bark color
    Makes an excellent plant for collectors of bonsai plants for the home or greenhouse environment
    Makes an excellent specimen for Bonsai Culture

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