Acer pensylvanica 
Striped Maple

Striped Maple is a stunning specimen tree, even in winter, and is easily recognized by the striped twigs and bark which make it a popular ornamental. It makes a most unique bonsai tree and can be grown as a container plant or in the greenhouse. The green stripped patterned bark is the perfect accent to rustling olive -green foliage. Small bell shaped flowers appear in spring. The opposite, simple leaves are shallowly lobed with small teeth along the margin. Drought tolerant. Zones 9-11 as an outdoor standard. Any soil is good, but should have good drainage.
Fun Facts
• Rare in natural parts of Wisconsin, it was first discovered in Wisconsin 1997 by Mike Grimm of the Nature Conservancy
• Old trunks lose the pronounced striping
• Fall foliage is lemon-yellow
• Unlike other native maples, the green flowers of this species are terminal and pendulous

Acer pensylvanicum Striped Maple Seeds

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