Amaranth Red Garnet 
90-120 Days

Attractive flowers and red leaves make this amaranth a true winner! Not only edible, but beautiful as well! Young leaves can be used for greens, or harvest seeds for grain. This annual plant is suitable to a wide variety of climates, from arid to humid. Blossoming from Summer to Fall, this South American native is hardy in zones 2-10. Can grow 4-6 feet.
Harvest young, tender leaves at 20 - 30 days for mixed green salads. More mature leaves can be cooked as "greens."

Fun Facts:

1. This plant was used as a food source as early as 4000 BC in Central America
2. The leaves and seeds are eaten in South America and India
3. A high content of betacyanins causes the bright red color of the blossoms
4. The grain can be popped like popcorn, ground into flour or made into a porridge
5. Leaves are often cooked like spinach

Amaranth Red Garnet 100 Seeds