• Fatsia japonica
    Japanese Fatsia
    Aralia sieboldii and Aralia japonica

    This is the perfect plant for the landscape that will give you the look and feel of lushness and the tropics. The best thing is that this plant will grow from zones 8 -12 and loves deep shade. Shiny green leaves are accented by white flower balls that bloom in the fall. This plant is also sold as a houseplant in many markets.
    Protect from drying winter winds. A really attractive, tropical style, focal point plant. Perfect for conservatories, greenhouses, houseplants, container gardens and other low maintenance possibilities.


    Fun Facts
    • Native to Southern Japan and Taiwan
    • The name "Fatsi" is older Japanese, meaning 'eight'
    • This plant is an evergreen

    Aralia sieboldii Japanese Fatsia Seeds

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