• Japanese Holly
    Ardisia crispa

    Pleasing red berries rest among evergreen leaves of green on this small shrub that grows to about four feet. Hardy to zone 7 and above, this plant is a perfect specimen for standard garden beds as well as bonsai and indoor plant culture. White flowers form from June-July followed by the berry it is known for. This versatile plant grows best in light sandy, medium loam and heavy clay soils as long as it is well drained. Loves semi shade to sunny locations. Can be grown in pots as a potted deck plant. An ornamental you will want to have!
    Great plant for use in Bonsai projects-

    Fun Facts:

    • The flowers have both male and female organs
    • Perfect for woodland gardens
    • Native to China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan


    Ardisia crispa seeds Japanese Holly