A better bonsai project cannot be found than growing your own paperbark birch. Grow as a single tree or as a small forest! A small leafed deciduous tree with small round leaves and twig-like branches. Grown for the peeling, white bark, and upright trunk. Perfect for Bonsai culture as well as standard tree specimen. Hardy outdoors to zone 2. Start seed in standard potting mix or bonsai soil. Grow in fertile well drained soil, place in full sun to part shade.

Betula papyrifera Paperbark Birch Tree Seed

  • Fun Facts:
    Grown for the beautiful white peeling bark and leaf shape
    This tree is used to make popcicle sticks
    The sap can be boiled down to make birch syrup
    Native Americans often used the bark to write on
    Makes an excellent plant for collectors of bonsai plants for the home or greenhouse environment
    Grown for the beautiful leaf shape and color, as well as the beautiful peeling bark

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