• Blue Flax Flower
    Linum usitatissimum

    A drought tolerant annual with flowers of a beautiful shade of bright blue that bloom most of the season. Cultivated throughout the world for a food and textile crop. The textiles made from this plant are called linen and the oil it produces is known as linseed oil. Give your garden a burst of color with this easy to grow plant! Grows to about 3 feet with bright green foliage and slender stems producing the pale blue flowers.  A mass planting of this plant will be unforgettable with butterflies and hummingbirds fluttering from flower to flower.  
    The perfect addition to any sunny meadow or garden.  Flax is extremely easy to grow in any region.  The bright blooms can be cut for gorgeous bouquets!  


    Fun Facts: 

    Low maintenance
    Blooms in early - late summer to fall
    Perfect for beds, borders and containers
    Grown since ancient times

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