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  • Bulls Blood Beet Seeds! 
    All Natural Seed
    35 days for leaves
    up to 55 days for a root crop

    Grown for the beautiful dark red foliage which will liven up any salad or your favorite dish in addition to the sweet tasting, flavorful root, that when cut, has light pink rings.  Pick roots when small for a gourmet baby beet or harvest the larger, full sized beet when matured for fresh eating, canning or pickling.
    Fresh in salads, cooked or raw or greens

    Planting Depth - 1/2"
    Seed Spacing - 3"
    Days to Germinate - 6-12
    Row Spacing - 20"
    Days to Maturity -60-65 days

    Bulls Blood Beet Heirloom Seeds Salad Tops or Root Crop

    $4.00 Regular Price
    $3.20Sale Price
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