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  • Red Burgundy Okra
    50-64 days.

    Magenta stems accent bright green leaves that become the backdrop of the desired purple pods! Lovely yellow flowers make this a plant to grow just for the flowers alone. Vigorous plants grow 3-5' tall. Pods are exceptionally uniform and can grow to 5-8". The spineless pods are just perfect when harvested at 3" long.
    Excellent quality! Drought Tolerant!
    Fun Facts:

    1. Introduced by Clemson University by Leon Robbins
    2. Tolerant of heat and drought, but not of cold
    3. Leaves are spineless making it easier to harvest
    4. Okra had its beginnings in Africa and has spread throughout the world
    5. Okra was cultivated by the Egyptians as far back as the times of Cleopatra
    6. During World War II okra seeds were used as a replacement to brew coffee
    7. High in fiber and vitamin C
    8. An All America Winner introduced in the late 80's

    Vegetable Seeds-Burgundy Okra- 50 Seeds- All Natural

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