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  • Celtis occidentalis

    This tree makes a great specimen for any landscape. A spreading, irregular form and dense crown, make it perfect for any yard in any growing zone. Mature gray bark develops cork-like ridges and a distinctivly rough texture. Inconspicuous greenish flowers appear in spring with male flowers in clusters and female flowers solitary. Female flowers produce an often abundant fruit crop of round fleshy berry-like fruit maturing to deep purple. Each fruit has one round brown seed within. Leaves of this deciduous tree will turn yellow in fall.

    =====Seed is a live perishable product = All sales Final- The pictures are representative only - seeds are exactly as described here produced by professional growers

    Celtis occidentalis - Hackberry - 10 Seeds - Standard Tree or Deck Gardens

    $5.00 Regular Price
    $4.00Sale Price
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