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  • Cherry Belle Radish
    Raphanus sativus
    22 Days

    Bright, round, smooth and cherry red beauties with crisp, white flesh. Delicately flavored. Fast and easy to grow, radishes are best in cool weather. Proven for performance, flavor and wide adaptability.
    Perfect for raised beds, market gardens, and square foot gardening. Pick when globes are 1 inch or less for best flavor. Cherry Belle resists pithiness found in so many other radishes. Tops grow 3-4 inches and can be used in salads when small. Stores for weeks in the fridge!

    Fun Facts:

    • Radishes are a great source of vitamin C
    • In Holland, Cherry Belle is traditionally grown indoors or on soils high in organic matter
    • Originally from Holland, Cherry Belle was created to do well in mucky clay soils, but grows extremely well in most soils
    • The radish was domesticated in Europe in pre- Roman times
    • The common name "radish" is derived from Latin radix (root)

    Vegetable Seeds- Cherry Belle Radish -100 Heirloom Seeds

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