• Crataegus mexicana

    One of the most useful of all Hawthorn trees. This multi use plant not only can be an ornamental tree but is also produces a highly prized fruit. It grows as a small tre or larger shrub with semi-evergreen bright green leaves that serve as a backdrop to white flowers that bloom in late winter or very early spring. Nestled in the forest green foliage clusters of fruit ripen into late winter and are ready just before the tree bloom again. In Mexico the crabapple-like fruit is usually cooked and canned or eaten raw as well as made into "ponche" a hot fruit punch served at Christmas. Grow as: an ornamental, fruit tree or bonsai work of art. Grow outdoors in temperate climates only - protect from frost.

    Fun Facts:

    1. Native to the mountains of Mexico
    2. Tejocote is the Mexican name for the fruit
    3. This name is derived from the Nahautl word for "stone fruit"
    4. The name Manzanita means "little apple" in spanish
    5. The fruit is mixed with sugar and chili powder and made into a specialty candy called rielitos

    Crataegus mexicana Tejocote Mexican Plum Seeds