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  • Sago Palm Seeds

    Cycas revoluta - Grow a living fossil! Growing Sago Palms from seed is very easy. This plant has become one of the most popular plant for the landscape. Sago Palms are not palm trees at all. They are actually a cycad. They are one of the oldest species of plants that still exist. Appearing on earth during the Paleozoic Era from 350 to 250 million years ago, they were growing long before the flowering plants appeared. Would you believe that they were the dominant plant in the Mesozoic Era and lived right along side of dinosaurs! Because of this they are called “living fossils.” This era is actually called the “Age of Cycads.” These plants have changed very little since that time.

    Sago Palms have strong, sturdy trunks that grow to about one to two feet in diameter. Dark olive green leaves grow to 3-4 feet. Younger plants begin with a rosette of leaves coming from a stem near the ground. Today the oldest types of plants are becoming increasingly endangered in the wild.
    The sago is easy to care for. It is hardy to 15 degrees and can withstand a short freeze. This plant can live a very long time and is one of the longest living plants in the natural habitat. Typical life span can range between hundreds to thousands of years!

    SO grow a living fossil today!

    Fun Facts:

    • Sago Palms are not palm trees at all
    • Sago plants are actually a cycad
    • They are one of the oldest species of plants that still exist
    • They appeared on earth 350 to 250 million years ago
    • They were growing long before flowering plants appeared

    Cycas revoluta Sago Palm Tree 3 Seeds

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