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  • A sweet, crunchy carrot with 7" roots. Grow two or three crops in one season! Mulch and pick as you need them through the winter. Best for fresh, cooking or canning. Well suited for shallow and clay soil and a wide range of climates. Danvers is a beautiful, nearly coreless, bright orange carrot with a crunchy sweet flavor perfect for eating fresh or cooked and can be stored without loosing its crispness. Approximate yield is 100 pounds per one hundred foot row.

    Fun Facts:

    Introduced in 1821

    • Carrots are high in beta carotene
    • A perfect variety for any garden
    • The orange pigment converts to vitamin A once eaten
    • First cultivated in the Mediterranean regions and grown by the Romans


    Vegetable Seeds -Danvers Half Long Carrot -500 Heirloom Seeds

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