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  • Musa acuminata subsp burmannica
    Dwarf Cavendish Banana

    An evergreen perennial with long slender green leaves that are accented from time to time by an emerging inflorescence, that blooms white to yellow, from which emerges the highly prized banana. The plant is widely grown in tropical regions and loves a wet environment, but can be grown most anywhere, even outdoors, if dug up in the fall and placed in a protected area for overwintering or grown as a container tropical. This subspecies is one of the wild ancestral species or the modern hybridized banana sold in the markets today. This plant is one of several banana species cultivated as an ornamental plant for its shape and tropical foliage. Cannot tolerate frost


    Tropical Seeds -Dwarf Cavendish Banana -Musa acuminata subsp burmannica 10 Seeds

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