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  • French Breakfast Radish
    28 Days

    200 = App. 6 foot row

    Long roots grow to about 1 3/4." A gourmet favorite. Beautiful scarlet fades to white at the tip. Crimson skin and white flesh. Firm, crisp, mild flavor. Perfect for home or market gardens. Excellent flavor for sandwiches, salads and even as a snack right out of the garden. A true French Classic!

    Not only can you plant in early spring, plant in Fall for winter vegetables.

    Perfect for home gardeners and makes a beautiful display for market growers!

    Excellent for pickling or storage
    Stays crisp and mild all winter
    Tolerates light frosts
    Fun Facts

    Radishes are a great source of vitamin C
    The radish was domesticated in Europe in pre- Roman times
    The common name "radish" is derived from Latin radix (root)

    French Breakfast Radish Heirloom 200 Seeds

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    $3.20Sale Price
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