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  • Gossypium hirsutum
    Brown Cotton seeds for home gardeners
    Fun & Educational

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    130 days - Cotton is a really easy and fun to grow addition to the garden. For kids and adults alike – especially me - it's both fascinating and educational to see first hand how cotton grows and where cotton comes from. This is a brown variety that grows well in full sun to part shade. Our plants grow to about 4 feet in height and produces good yields of light tan to brown cotton. This variety was once grown by slaves. Drought Tolerant. Flowers start out early in the day as a light yellow and turn pink as the day goes on. Notice the bee that decided to take a nap at the bottom of this flower. He stayed all day until the flower began to close and turn color. Grow as an ornamental perennial or annual.

    Outdoor Standard
    Potted Deck Plant

    Fun Facts:

    Colored cotton has been grown for many thousands of years

    This heirloom variety dates back to pre-1860

    Slaves on plantations were not permitted to grow the white cotton of their masters

    Brown cotton was the most commonly grown, but there are other naturally colored cottons such as green, blue, yellow, and pink cottons , each one has its own subtle beauty

    Colored heirloom cotton varieties are now difficult to find

    Colored cotton fibers are shorter and are not as suitable for spinning and dyeing as the modern white cotton

    Most colored cotton plants we in the West use commercially today come from pre-Colombian stocks created by the indigenous peoples of South America

    Sixteenth-century Mexican documents, for instance, reveal that brown cotton constituted a principal form of payment from the lowlands peoples to the Aztecs

    Gossypium hirsutum Brown Cotton seeds

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