• Dragon Fruit Pink Skin White interior
    Hylocereus polyrizus

    This versatile, fun to grow plant, that could be considered a tropical cactus. Several fruit varieties exist but this variety will produce a waxy pink-red skin with a juicy white inside. Also known as pitaya or orchid cactus, this plant is actually a vining succulent, producing exquisite large white blooms that burst forth only at night. Grows perfectly in pots as a houseplant as well as in a greenhouse environment. Hardy from zone 9b for outdoor standards. Growers like to let hang or trellis.

    Fun Facts:
    Fruit is high in Vitamin C and B
    Dragon Fruit can be juiced, dried or used in juice blends
    Some stores carry dragon fruit juice
    The plant was grown extensively during the time of the Aztec empire
    It had become un-noticed until today and has become a leading export of Vietnam
    Many companies now have interest in this fruit, like Snapple and Tropicana
    The plant can be grown in sun or shade


    Hylocereus undatus Pink Dragon Fruit SEEDS