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Kajari Melon
75 Days

This beautiful and unusual melon produces stripped, multi-colored fruits that are red, green and cream. Pale green flesh is aromatic and similar to honeydews with a hint of apple in flavor. Vigorous vines produce 2lb fruits. A real eyecatcher for home and market gardens alike.

Plant seeds outdoors in full sun after danger of frost has past. Plant in hills ½” deep 3-5 seeds per hill 3-4 feet apart. Get a head start on the growing season by starting indoors 6 weeks before outdoor planting, then transplanting outdoors after all danger of frost has past.

Plant Care: Harden off and set out after all danger of frost is past in a nice sunny spot. For the biggest yields place plants in raised composted beds. Water regularly.

Fun Facts:
o Stripes turn from light color to dark as the fruit ripens
o 6-8 melons per vine
Buyers should do their own research for plant uses if needed.

Kajari Melon 5 Rare Seeds Heirloom NON GMO

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