• Laredo Soybean Seeds
    95 Days

    Laredo black soybeans are a forage variety of soybean used for summer wildlife food plots, hay and forage plantings. Also used for cover crops. Widely used in food plots for deer, turkey, quail and other wildlife throughout the US. These forage soybeans can reach 4' in height and make an excellent choice for quail habitat and summer wildlife protein.

    Laredo Soybeans are preferred by dairies for soybean hay over other varieties.

    Perfect for soil building as a a cover crop. Soybeans fix or enrich the soil with nitrogen.
    Fun Facts:
    1. Soybean plants are rich in nutrients
    2. Soybeans can fix as much as 40 units of N in 100 days.

    Laredo SoyBean 200 seeds