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Dating back to the 1890s, these very productive heirloom variety of cucumber are juicy and sweet. Thin, tender yellow skins and succulent white flesh make them easy and enjoyable to eat right from the garden. Pick when just starting to turn yellow. Even the non-bitter skins have great flavor and a crunchy texture. You get loads of 3-4" fruit from mid- summer to fall. Terrific for pickling and slicing. Very easy to grow! Does well with short summer climates. This vine is also easy to grow in pots. Disease resistant and never bitter and easily digestible.
Uses - Fresh, Pickled

Fun Facts:

  • It is believed to have originated in Australia
  • Introduced in the United States originally in 1894 by Crossman seeds of New York
  • A perfect variety for cool, short season climates
  • Listed in the Samuel Wilson of Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania catalog in 1894
  • Once a popular market variety in Australia


Vegetable Seeds- Lemon Cucumber -40 Heirloom Seeds- 1890 Heirloom

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