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    Limonia acidissima
    Wood Apple

    A large tree native to the dry plains in Southeast Asia. Limonia acidissima is recognized for its sweet and sour tasting fruits that hide among a lush, citrus scented canopy and contain sticky brown pulp within the thick, gray brown shell that encases it. A slow growing tree, this species will not produce fruit until it's at least 15 years old which makes it perfect for indoor growing as bonsai or as a houseplant. Limonia acidissima thrives in temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees F, and prefers light, well drained soil. Hardy outdoors to 30 degrees F and it's best to plant this tree in full sunlight.

    Fun Facts:

    1. The rinds of the fruit are often used to make bowls
    2. In its native habitat the bark is sometimes used to make edible gum
    3. Leaves and fruit are used for elephant food in Tamil Nadu
    4. The pulp is frozen, and eaten as ice cream
    5. Also known as Elephant-apple, Monkey-fruit, and Curd fruit


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