• Maclura pomifera Osage Orange Tree Ugli Fruit Seed

    Maclura pomifera 

    Ugli Fruit - Horse Apple -Osage Orange 


    A nice medium sized tree with distinctive orange-brown bark with deep fissures giving it a rugged old look. Short trunks are accented with interlacing branches and dark green leaves that yellow in the fall. Dense white globes hang in clusters followed by green wrinkled balls of fruit that smell a lot like orange peel. The tree makes a terrific bonsai specimen as well as a most unique standard tree. Zones 4-10


    Fun Facts:
    1. Osage orange trees produce either male or female flowers and only female flowers produce fruit
    2. Their original, natural range was centered around the Red River Valley in eastern Texas, southwestern Arkansas, southeastern Oklahoma and northwestern Louisiana 
    3. Osage Orange trees were planted as living fences before the invention of barbed wire in the 1880s The bright orange wood is very heavy and very hard impenetrable to rot and termites 
    4. Osage Indians made bows from the strong, yet flexible wood branches 
    5. The common name "Bodark" is corrupted from the French "bois d'arc" meaning "bow wood" 
    5. The earliest account of the tree in the English language was given by 
    6. William Dunbar in 1804 Meriwether Lewis sent cuttings to President Jefferson 
    7. Maclura pomifera is named in honor of William Maclure a geologist and educator who made the first geological map of North America 

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