• Parkia speciosa
    Bitter Bean Tree

    For experienced gardeners only – Many seeds will not germinate fast and require much patience and good care-especially tropical and tree seed. Seed growing is meant to be a fun experience- -for those beginners that want to try anyway do so at your own risk – that’s what gardening is about

    = = = = =One of the most unique features of this large, semi-deciduous flowering tree is the flower heads, which resemble light bulbs, and hang from long, rope-like stalks. Bright yellow and white plumes burst from the tops of the heads and attract old world fruit bats that surprisingly, make better pollinators than the insects that visit the tree. An upper canopy tree with light emerald green leaves are bi-pinnate, each pinna divided into 50-60 smaller leaflets, about a centimeter long each. Long twisted seed pod clusters have a peculiar smell from sulphur compounds it contains. By nature this is a large tree but is easily managed as a tropical container tree and will make a unique conversation piece.

    =====Seed is a live perishable product = All sales Final- The pictures are representative only - seeds are exactly as described here produced by professional growers

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