• Picea sitchensis
    Sitka Spruce

    Small, needle-like leaves are radiant blue - green with whites lines painted straight, drooping down from sturdy horizontal branches and accented by rugged aged looking brown bark. The trunk grows straight and strong from a buttressed base growing up to a conical crown of branches. This tree makes a most interesting bonsai project and also grows well as a container plant for the home or greenhouse in addition to being a specimen plant.

    Fun Facts

    • Native to south-central Alaska to northern California
    • Germination occurs when soil is at least 75 º F
    • One of the worlds oldest spruce trees
    • Grows well on coastal regions
    • One of the very few species to have been documented to reach 300 feet tall
    • The name is derived from Sitka Alaska
    • Due to extensive logging very few trees remain in the native habitat
    • The tree is believed to live over 700 years
    • Widely used to make pianos, guitars and violins
    • Newly grown tips of Sitka spruce branches are used to flavor spruce beer as well as make syrup
    • The root bark of Sitka spruce trees is used to make baskets by Native Alaskans


    Picea sitchensis Sitka Spruce Seeds

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