• Pinus thunbergii
    Japanese Black Pine

    A distinctive and picturesque evergreen for Bonsai projects. Grown for its irregular style and twisted branch structure. Salt tolerant. Bright green needles grow about 3 inches. A terrific specimen for seaside plantings.
    Start seed in standard potting mix or bonsai soil. Grow in fertile well drained soil. Place in full sun to part shade. Don't over-water. Zone 5 or higher for growing a standard tree.
    Fun Facts:

    1. Japanese black pine is native to northeastern China, Korea and Japan
    2. It's a popular landscape tree in Japan and in coastal gardens in northern Europe and northeastern US
    3. To shape pine trees, prune away half of the new candle in spring and the shoot will develop side branches
    4. Japanese black pine is very tolerant of high winds and salt spray
    5. An excellent evergreen coastal and seaside gardens
    6. Use this tough pine in exposed situations where it develops its most picturesque form

    Pinus thunbergii Bonsai Tree Seeds Black Pine