• Piper nigrum 
    Black Pepper Spice -
    This is a very hard to germinate seed- dont buy if patience cannot be exercised== NO REFUNDS


       For experienced gardeners only – Many seeds will not germinate fast and require much patience and good care-especially tropical and tree seed. Seed growing is meant to be a fun experience- -for those beginners that want to try anyway do so at your own risk – that’s what gardening is about 


        *******How would you like to grow the plant that produces the worlds oldest spice?  Small white flowers form along pendulous spikes that hang among heart shaped forest green leaves.  Flowers give way to long hanging clusters of berries that turn from green, to orange to stunning red when ripe. It looks its best in a hanging basket or grown on a trellis. Peppercorns can be sun dried and ground as pepper. 

    Piper Nigrum Peppercorn seeds