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  • Prizehead Lettuce
    40-50 Days

    Crisp, tender and sweet leaves of green with reddish tips are beautifully flavorful in any salad. A true stand out for beauty and flavor in the garden and on the table! Perfect for the small garden as well as market gardens.

    Fun Facts

    • First found commercially in Maule’s seed catalog in 1889
    • Despite the name this is a leaf lettuce and will not head

    Per Cup Shredded
    Vitamin A 53%
    Vitamin C 5%
    Calcium 1%
    Iron 1%
    Vitamin D 0%
    Vitamin B-6 0%
    Vitamin B-12 0%
    Magnesium 1%


    • They can be used fresh in salads or garnish
    • Sowing instructions:
    • Sow seed directly in late spring after weather has warmed and soil is workable

    Plant Care: For the biggest yields grow plants in raised composted beds. Water regularly.

    Prizehead Lettuce Heirloom Vegetable garden seeds

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