Schippia concolor
Silver Pimento Palm
Mountain Pimento Palm

A little known palm from Belize that grows shiny green leaves, that are deeply split, accented by flower spikes and pale green to white fruits that develop among the foliage and thick stems. This tree will grow into a thing of beauty and is really very easy to grow. This particular plant is most unusual in that it will transfer all stored resources from the seed to the seedling before any shoot growth appears. Around 8 days after the seed is hydrated the cotyledon or (first leaves) will push down into the soil. After about 3 weeks this leaf structure will begin to swell and by one month or so it will have used up about half of the seeds stored energy. This is when the root emerges. After the 2 month mark all of the seeds energy is spent and when 3 months have gone by the little plant will emerge from the soil.
Likes partial shade to full sun, is drought tolerant but will need frequent water until established. Hardy without protection outdoors in zones 10+ otherwise protect from frosts or sudden cold weather.

This widely adaptable tree can be used for a wide range of uses including, standard specimen as well as the greenhouse, but will be most perfect as a patio plant. Keep tree well watered until established.

Fun Facts
Native to Belize
Schippia is a monotypic genus – it has only one of this species “concolor”
Discovered by Australian botanist William Schipp in 1932
Grows well outdoors in zones 9 and higher otherwise protect from winter
Germination occurs when soil is at least 75 º F
Grows well in every soil and is drought tolerant

Schippia concolor Silver Pimento Palm Seeds

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