• Serendipity's Heirloom Flower Garden Seed Mix 

    Note: Pictures represent the idea of what you will get in the mix. It will not be exact to the photo. There are far more colors and plants in the actual mix than what is seen in the individual photos.

    Brighten up your garden with this easy to start flower mix. A rainbow of color will liven up any area of the yard. Create a new bed or mix into areas that need a little TLC. Specifically formulated to excel in the all regions everywhere. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Can be grown in regions anywhere. Heirloom seeds have been passed down from one generation to the next and represent a rich heritage of gardening history. Seed quantity is packed for the small gardens in mind as well as container growing.

       A nice mix of Annual and Perennial seeds. (See Below)  Both will reseed for year after year enjoyment

      100% Pure Seed -   No Fillers!

      Suitable for ALL USDA Zones

    Works well in container gardening!

    This mix is unmatched in beauty when in bloom.  Blossoms attract pollinators, like butterflies and hummingbirds, filling the yard with all kinds of activity. 

    Packs include the following mix of annual and perennial seed. Both will reseed for year after year of beautiful wildflower blooms.

    California Giant Zinnia            Annual
    Evening Primrose                     Annual
    California Bluebell                    Annual
    Red Corn Poppy                       Annual
    Indian Blanket                           Annual
    Bee Balm                                    Perennial
    California Poppy Orange        Annual
    Toad Flax                                   Annual
    Sweet William Single Mix       Biennial
    Wild Lupine                               Perennial
    Purple Coneflower                   Perennial
    Catchfly                                     Annual
    Garland Daisy                           Annual
    Mexican Hat                              Perennial
    Blue Flax                                   Annual
    Scarlet Flax                              Annual
    4 o'Clock Red                          Perennial
    Globe Gilia                               Annual
    Arroyo Lupine                          Annual
    Chinese Forget Me Not          Annual
    Cosmos Sensation Mix           Annual
    Bachelor Button                      Annual
    Calendula Pacidic Beauty      Annual
    Gypsophila elegans                Annual

    Serendipity's Heirloom Flower Garden Seed Mix 250 seeds Lots of Color!


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