• A garden huckleberry type plant, producing sweet, small, dark purple berries used in pies, jams and jellies. Plants start producing young even on small 6 inch plants! Easy to grow just like a tomato plant. Harvest berries ripe when dull black. Eaten raw there is next to no flavor but when cooked it develops into a taste superior to blueberries. Five-petal, small white flowers accent green leaves and make a perfect garden plant that can be grown as an annual or as a container plant year round in the house or greenhouse.

    Fun Facts
    • Bred by Luther Burbank in the early 1900’s
    • Will not tolerate frost
    • Flavor is obtained when cooked and eaten raw they are virtually tasteless
    • The wonderberry is a cross between Solanum villosum and S. guineense
    • John Lewis Childs bought the rights to the plant for $300

    Solanum burbankii Seeds Sunberry