Also commonly known as Nipplefruit, Titty Fruit, Cow's Udder, or in some areas the Apple of Sodom.

Grown for ornamental purposes because the end of the fruit resembles a human breast, while the upper end looks like a cow's udder. You'll love this small shrubby perennial that can be grown as an annual, or perennial in some areas, as well as tropical plant culture. The plant is related to the naranjilla and tomato. Big leaves are accented by purple veins and are covered in a furry hair as well as small prominent spikes. The branches and stems are also dotted with firm thorns and grows to about 3-4 feet. Lovely pink-purple flowers develop in spring and are quickly followed by yellow decorative fruit from which it is named. Should be grown only as an ornamental- fruit should never be ingested.
Easy to grow. Just care for like a regular tomato plant.

Solanum mammosum Sodoms Apple Fruit Seeds

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