• Sophora japonica
    Styphnolobium japonicum
    Japanese Pagoda Tree

    A very popular ornamental tree prized for the stunning, small, white, pea-like flowers that bloom in late summer and cover the ground in a blanket of white after falling. Flowers are followed by seed pods adding interest to the winter months. Leaves are dark green fading to a chartreuse toward fall. Makes a most interesting bonsai specimen.
    Can be grown as a standard in zones 4-8

    This widely adaptable plant can be used for a wide range of uses including, standard specimen as well as the greenhouse. It makes the perfect patio plant but, will need protection from frost. Keep well watered until established.

    As with any plant, caution should be exercised about leaves or seeds and whether or not the plant is meant to be ingested or whether caution should be exercised around pets or children. Seller is not responsible for buyer’s use of plant or any dangers thereof.

    Fun Facts
    Native to Eastern Asia
    Also known as Chinese Scholar tree
    Grown for the beautiful leaf shape and color
    A valuable ornamental feature is the stem and bark color
    Makes an excellent plant for collectors of bonsai plants for the home or greenhouse environment
    Makes an excellent specimen for Bonsai Culture

    Styphnolobium japonicum Sophora japonica seeds

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