• Swietenia mahogoni
    West Indies Mahogany

    A grand tree with a broad crown and a straight trunk often swollen at the base. A semi-deciduous tree which loses old leaves at the end of winter just as the new growth is beginning. New leaves start out unfolding in a red-purple turning to yellow-green. Foliage is accented by small fragrant flowers on new growth. This is a fast growing tree tolerant of most soil conditions. Because of its shape and rugged look the tree makes a beautiful bonsai specimen. Full sun to part shade. Regular water. Zones 10-11 for outdoor standard.
    Fun Facts:
    The tree may be leafless for only a week or two in the fall
    There are three species in the genus Swietenia
    They are all native to the New World tropics
    This tree is native to West Indies, Bahamas and South Florida
    Mahogany uses to grow further north in Florida but it has been cut to extinction
    The wood of mahogany is one of the most valuable woods of any tree

    Swietenia mahogani Tree Seeds

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