Taxodium distichum Bald Cypress Seeds

Taxodium distichum 

Bald Cypress

This conifer is common in the Everglades and known throughout the Southeast. Small, soft, needle-like leaves are radiant green and are accented by rugged aged looking bark. It is called bald because other members of this genus do not loose the leaves, but this one does. Makes a great focal point to any landscape. The slender pyramidal habit make it perfect as a specimen tree, bonsai or even grown as a container plant. In the fall the leaves provide a stunning show of cinnamon red that will be sure to please.

Fun Facts
· Redwoods and bald cypress are the only Taxodium native to North America
· This tree was once widely distributed in the geologic past but are now restricted to small areas of the southeast
· Even though the cypress is known for growing in wet areas, it is adaptable to dry areas and city conditions
· A long lived and fast growing tree
· The oldest known cypress is in North Carolina and is estimated to be over 1600 years old


Outdoor Standard

Potted Deck Plant

Indoor Tree


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