• Tectona grandis - You'll love this unique and beautiful tree that has very soft, large, bright green leaves. This tree is among the most lovely in all the plant kingdom and is accented with delicate, small clusters of pure white blooms. The wood from this tree is highly valued for its high quality and is used in making furniture and boats. Makes a terrific, unique houseplant for those who love the exotic! Grown as a standard in zones 10+ Grows upright.
    Botanical Name Tectona grandis
    Common Name Teak tree - Teakwood tree
    Outdoor Hardiness Zones - 8-12 for outdoor growing
    Minimum Temp - 35°F
    Shape - Tree
    Growth Rate - Fast
    Sun Preference - Bright Filtered Light - full sun
    Soil Type - Any
    Soil Moisture - Water thoroughly
    Growth Period - Spring - Autumn
    Foliage Color - Green
    Flower Color - White

    Fun Facts:

    • Known as the wood that lasts longer than any other due to natural oils in the wood
    • The oils seal the wood and protect it from moisture and decay
    • Native to Southern Asia, India, Myanmar, Thailand and Indochina
    • Because of its early use in shipbuilding the largest of teakwood trees are gone
    • Makes an excellent plant for collectors of plants for the home or greenhouse environment
    • Grown for the beautiful leaf shape and color
    • Makes an excellent specimen for Bonsai Culture


    Tectona grandis Teak Tree Tropical tree 5 seeds

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