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  • Terminalia myriocarpa
    East Indian Almond
    Growing as a small tree or shrub, this rare variety of seed will produce a plant with long pendulous light colored to pink flowers, that droop in clusters and accent light colored leaves among many stems. The evergreen plant is a fast grower and tolerates a shady environment. Naturally adapted to mountains, stream sides and valleys. Water often without letting it stand in soggy soil. Grows well as a container plant. Does not tolerate cold or frost. Note: Germination is naturally low for this species so extra seed will be added to yield better results.

    Terminalia myriocarpa East Indian Almond Jhalna

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    • Fun Facts:
      1. Native to India and China
      2. Hardy outdoors in Zones 10 +
      3. Stems release a watery latex when cut
      4. The genus was first described by George Bentham from specimens collected in Columbia
      5. The wood is used to make furniture and in construction especially for use in door making
      6. The first recorded plantings of this tree were in 1928 by the Division of Forestry on Oahu and Kauai

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