• Texas Bluebonnet
    Lupinus texensis
    Re-seeding annual/perennial

    Texas Bluebonnets are not just for Texas! An old time favorite, Texas bluebonnet grows beautiful little blue flowers that have been the Official Texas State Flower for over a hundred years! The low growing rosette of greeen foliage will overwinter and in early spring will grow up to 12-18 inches followed by the much desired bloom. Well adapted to rocky and alkaline soils and to its frequent droughts. They thrive in poor soils. 

    Seeds are slow to germinate but the wait is well worth the effort! The seed has a very hard coat. This is the way nature insures that the species will survive extreme conditions. Some seeds will come right up but, some seed may not germinate the first year and have actually been known to sporadically germinate up to five years after planting. Seeds can be sown directly the the garden bed or conntainer grown for deck or potted gardens. Mix with poppy's or other flowers for a stunning display.

    Fall is the best time for planting. 

    Seed preparation for optimal germination:
    1. If possible scarify the seed- scratch or nick the seeds to allow water to penetrate the hard seed coat. Sometimes sandpaper can be an effective method to rub over the seed. This will simulate "natural weathering" and allow most of the seeds to germinate.
    2. Soak the seeds for up to 48 hours and change the water at least twice. 
    3. Plant about 1/8" deep in a pot or directly to the garden.

    =====Seed is a live perishable  product =All sales are Final 

    Texas Bluebonnet Flower- Brilliant Blooms Annual - Perennial Flower seeds