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  • Thevitia peruviana
    Yellow Oleander
    Under bright blue skies all across the tropical world grows a small tree or upright shrub with long, slender, willow-like, forest green leaves. Bright yellow clusters of funnel shaped flowers peek out from this forest of foliage, giving the plant a look of spring when in bloom. A fast grower and hardy without protection outdoors in zones 9+ otherwise protect this widely adaptable tree. 

    The plant can be trained to a single trunk and used for a wide range of uses including, bonsai, standard specimen as well as the greenhouse. Foliage is damaged at 28 degrees F but will come back. Protect from further cold.

    There can be 2 seed embryos per seed

    As with any plant, caution should be exercised about leaves or seeds and whether or not the plant is meant to be ingested. Seller is not responsible for buyer’s use of plant. This plant is known to contain poisonous characteristics and should be used for ornamental purposes only.

    Fun Facts:

    1. A popular landscape plant in Hawaii
    2. Named after Andre Thevet (1502-1590) a French missionary that collected plants from South America
    3. Also known as Be Still Tree
    4. Native to the West Indies, southern Mexico and Belize
    5. Closely related to the more common oleander
    6. Flowers bloom summer to fall
    7. The seeds fallen on the ground, called nuts, are believed to bring good luck

    Thevetia Peruviana Tropical Flower Tree 3 Seeds Yellow Oleander

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