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Sweet Banana Pepper
72 Days OP
Heirloom 1940

Ripening bright yellow to orange red and shaped like a banana, this sweet pepper grows 6- inch long fruit and are sweet, tasty and mild. An heirloom that won the All American Selections Bronze Medal in 1941 and is still extremely popular. I grow them myself every year. Perfect for fresh eating in salad as well as pickling and freezing. A heavy producer perfect for small gardens, market gardens and the home garden.

Fun Facts
•Peppers were grown extensively in Central and South America, Mexico, and the West Indies long before birth of Christ
•Columbus and other early explorers who introduced peppers to welcoming Europeans
•Peppers are a major New World contribution to the cuisine of the Old World
•By the 17th century, peppers were cultivated not only in Europe, but in much of Asia and Africa
•Even though peppers are indigenous to the Americas, they were not introduced to North America until they arrived with the early colonists!
•Makes an excellent plant for collectors of plants for the home or greenhouse environment
•Perfect plant to grow from the Tropics

Sowing instructions
•Start indoors in a good draining potting mix indoors 6 weeks before planting outside or continue to grow indoors
•Germination results in12 -15 days at a soil temperature of 70-90 degrees F
•Soil temperature should be at least 60-70 degrees F when planting outdoors

Plant Care

Harden off and set out after all danger of frost is past in a nice sunny spot. For the biggest yields place plants in raised composted beds. Water regularly. Likes a deep, rich well fertilized soil. Keep moist and feed once a month.Transplant when large enough to handle into pots. Keep humid if in dry conditions by occasional misting. Do not allow to remain in standing water. Mist flowers to encourage fruiting.

Growing Tips
•Keep plants well watered
•Seed can be sown indoors 6 weeks before last frost date

Yellow Sweet Banana Pepper 20 Seeds

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