• Zanthoxylum rhetsa
    Cape Yellowwood / Sometimes called Prickly Ash
    Indian Pepper

    An attractive, ornamental, deciduous tree that develops cork-like bumps to the trunk with forest green foliage. NOTE: Average Germination time is 137 days. Small flowers yield to tiny fruit berries giving the tree much interest. Grow as a tropical plant.

    This may be a challenging seed to grow for you and will require patience for germination – (1-9 months) in addition to proper care for success. Needs humidity, protection from wind, proper soil, correct watering program. Under excellent conditions the plant will reward you with a multitude of exotic blooms and will be well worth the work.
    Don’t try them if you cannot provide these conditions. Do some research, if needed, prior to purchase.

    Sow seeds upon arrival in pots or flats and keep warm indoors and cover with plastic or a dome to retain humidity. Place on a heat mat and keep soil temperature steady at 70-85 degrees F -( 27-29C)

    Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into larger pots. Reduce watering in winter. Fertilize with diluted applications of a quality soluble houseplant food. Plants can be prone to chlorosis but don’t fear they will come out of it.

    Zanthoxylum rhetsa Cape Yellowwood Prickly Ash 5 seeds