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  • Zanthoxylum rhetsa
    Cape Yellowwood -Also called Indian Prickly Ash  

    Germination Difficulty Level - Hard but worth it

    An attractive, ornamental, deciduous tree that develops cork-like bumps to the trunk with forest green foliage.  NOTE: Average Germination time is 137 days.  Small  flowers yield to  tiny fruit berries giving the tree much interest.  Grow as a tropical plant. Also makes a really nice bonsai work of art.
    Sow seeds upon arrival in pots or flats and keep warm indoors and cover with plastic or a dome to retain humidity. Place on a heat mat and keep soil temperature steady at 70-85 degrees F -( 27-29C)
    Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into larger pots. Reduce watering in winter. Fertilize with diluted applications of a quality soluble houseplant food.  

    Tropical Seeds -Zanthoxylum rhetsa -10 Heirloom Seeds

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