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  • Avena sativa - Hulless Oat Seed
    Starter Pack
    70-80 Days

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    Hulless oats are grown without the outer shell or "hull" and require less processing to remove the hull. Harvest, thresh and then winnow. They can be rolled or ground right into flower.
    A valuable multi-use cover crop. Fast spring growth makes it perfect for erosion control and adds organic matter to the soil. Sow spring through summer. Dry plant material can be worked under in the spring to form a nice seedbed. Makes a good grass that cats love. Plants with seeds make a nice addition to any container garden as an ornamental grass. Annual Use the hay for the compost pile or as animal feed or bedding. Sow in late summer for a fall crop.

    Plant it about 1/4" deep, in well drained soil after the last frost. It will take 70-80 days to have nicely developed heads, harvest when seeds no longer have a milky appearance when cut open (when grain is good and dry)

    Seed can be stored for many years in a cool dry place.

    Makes excellent cover for quail and other wildlife.

    We thank you for your support of rare and naturally grown seeds!

    100 seeds -Organic Hulless Oats Starter Pack - Cereal & flour Grain

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