Asclepias incarnata
White Swamp Milkweed

An old fashioned annual/ perennial that bears lots of brilliant Snow white flowers. Blooms allure pollinators like butterflies. Over 450 insects are known to feed on some part of the plant. They love the nectar rich flowers. It is common to see many different insects feeding right along side butterflies on the flowers at the same time in a rich tapestry of natures diversity. It is among the most important food plants for the monarch butterfly. Grow as a reseeding annual in cold regions. This plant may be prone to aphids but will not harm the plant and it is best to not use pesticides as this will harm pollinators that rely on the plant for food. If removal is necessary, simply wash them off with the hose.

Grows in a wide varieties of soil, if given good drainage. Loves growing out from rocks and small crevasses. Well developed as a cottage garden flower or a nice meadow setting. Can flower 4 months from seed and bloom from spring through fall. Makes a great plant for container gardens.

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20 Premium seeds White Swamp Milkweed - Asclepias incarnata -Annual


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